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Dark & Roasted

IBU 25
ABV 5.6%



Roasted Dark Rye Porter with spicy malt flavor from German pale and chocolate roggenmaltz. A perfect Ancient beer for a brisk spring day.


IBU 73
ABV 6.1%


India Pale Ale

Look what you done. American IPA brewed with classic west coast hops. Perfect beer for the weeknd.

Light & Refreshing

IBU 50
ABV 5.4%


Keller Pils

Coastal Virginia Style Pilsner brewed with the finest German pilsner malt and noble Saaz hops grown in the Czech Republic. Classic European malt flavor and spicy floral hop flavor and aroma.

IBU 17
ABV 5.0%

Golden Export


A Gordon Biersch classic. This classic German - Helles style lager is our lightest and most refreshing beer, delicately hopped with a clean crisp finish.

IBU 12
ABV 5.5%


Wheat Beer

This traditional German wheat beer is left unfiltered to bring out its sparkling, yet subtle notes of banana & clove. It was once reserved for Bavarian royalty but evolved into a breakfast or after church beer, a testament to its refreshing palate.

IBU 12
ABV 5.3%

Snow Jorts


Brewed on a snow day when everyone else was cooped up at home. Crystal clear filtered German wheat bier. Crisp and refreshing with just a subtle fruity spicy flavor from classic Bavarian Weiss yeast. Finishing light and clean like a sparkling fresh snow.


IBU 22
ABV 8.1%



Collaboration with Wasserhund Brewing inspired by the strong bocks of the Austrian Alps. Golden strong lager brewed with the finest European malts.

IBU 25
ABV 6.8%


Scottish Ale

Robust Scottish style ale with rich UK malt flavor and subtle dark fruit aroma from an Edinburgh yeast. Pairs well with an Island in the sun, where only in dreams you can make believe across the sea. Turn it up, it’s the beach boys. Get some heart songs playing because everything will be alright in the end.

IBU 27
ABV 10.2%



First sightings started being reported in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach. Legend is this elusive white haired being has been spotted meandering around town center drinking all our beer. American style Barleywine has rich malt flavors and a warm strong finish. Prost Santa!

IBU 17
ABV 5.1%



Munich style dark lager deep brown in color with rich toasted munich malt flavor. Pairs well with jazz music and fine cheese. For sophisticated pallets only.

IBU 18
ABV 5.7%



A Gordon Biersch classic. This is an original Oktoberfest style lager.  It is an extremely smooth, auburn colored Bavarian lager with a mildly sweet Munich Malt finish.

Barrel Aged

IBU 34
ABV 9.8%


Belgian Ale

A Wood Friends collaboration with Pleasure House Brewing. Amber in color with spicy fruit flavors from a French Saison yeast and late additions of El Dorado hops, rounded out with just a kiss of wood.