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Light & Refreshing

IBU 17
OG 11.5
ABV 5.0%

Golden Export

A GB classic. This German helles-style lager is our lightest and most refreshing beer, delicately hopped with a clean, crisp finish.

Hops: Magnum
Malt: 2-Row

IBU 37
OG 11.0
ABV 4.8%

Prussian Pils

Crisp, amazingly refreshing, and wonderfully drinkable with spicy and floral notes. Served keller-style.

Hops: Tettnang, Hersbrucker, Magnum
Malt: Extra Premium Pilsner


IBU 45
OG 15.0
ABV 6.3%

Before IPA

JUICY IPA - Juicy pineapple meets juicy orange with notes of mango and passionfruit in this delightfully smooth IPA. This beer is named for the android "B4", the brother of Data and Lore.

Hops: Mosaic, Citra, Falconer's Flight, Amarillo, Bravo
Malt: 2-Row, Pale Wheat

IBU 40
OG 14.8
ABV 6.0%

Data IPA

VETERANS IPA - This hazy IPA brings notes of orange candy with hints of lime and pineapple, all on a creamy foundation. Through 11/17, 25¢ from every Data IPA sold will go to Project Sanctuary, an organization addressing mental health for veterans.

Hops: Cascade, Loral, Meridian
Malt: 2-Row, Pale Wheat

Fruity & Spicy

OG 12.7
ABV 4.8%

Guava Paradise

The flavor of guava bursts onto your palate in this juicy and smooth beer where sweet meets tart. Made with real guava! FOOD ALLERGY NOTE: this beer contains lactose. Please inform your server if you are lactose intolerant!

Hops: Magnum
Malt: 2-Row, Oats, Lactose

IBU 12
OG 12.5
ABV 5.3%


A traditional unfiltered Bavarian (Southern German) style wheat beer. Full bodied and the yeast imparts notes of fruit and spice (banana and clove overtones)

Hops: Magnum
Malt: 2-Row, Pale Wheat

IBU 15
OG 16.8
ABV 7.4%

Legacy Weizenbock

This German wheat beer is banana bread in a glass, pairing banana notes with flavors of caramel, toffee, and toast. Yum!

Hops: Magnum
Malt: Wheat, Munich, CaraMunich


IBU 24
OG 13.0
ABV 5.7%


GROWLER SALE! 50% off Festbier growler fills (excludes the price of the growler). The lighter sibling of Märzen, this festbier is unfiltered and full of malty flavors that are balanced by the subtle spiciness of hops. A perfect fall beer!

Hops: Hersbrucker, Magnum
Malt: 2-Row, Munich, CaraRed

IBU 18
OG 13.5
ABV 5.7%


A Gordon Biersch classic. This is an original Oktoberfest style lager.  It is an extremely smooth, auburn colored Bavarian lager with a mildly sweet Munich Malt finish.

Hops: Hersbrucker, Magnum
Malt: 2-Row, Munich, CaraMunich

Dark & Roasted

IBU 33
OG 13.3
ABV 4.2%

Lore Dark Lager

This Czech dark lager is full flavored but easy drinking. A sip brings a burst of cocoa as well as the taste of cookies and cream that fades into a light toastiness with hints of raisin, plum, and nuts.

Hops: Saaz, Magnum
Malt: 2-Row, Bohemian Dark, CaraBohemian, Carafa