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Light & Refreshing

IBU 17
OG 11.5
ABV 5.0%

Golden Export

A Gordon Biersch classic. This classic German - Helles style lager is our lightest and most refreshing beer, delicately hopped with a clean crisp finish. If you were in Munich and simply ordered a beer, you would get something just like this.

Hops: Hallertau Magnum
Malt: Pilsner


IBU 60
OG 15.5
ABV 6.5%

American Standard - IPA

Our classic big, strong, hoppy American IPA. Huge snootfuls of citrus aromas abound from the multiple late additions of Citra hops, coupled with a strong maltiness, this beer always satisfies.

Hops: Magnum, Bravo, Citra
Malt: Pale ale, Caramalt

IBU 40
OG 14.0
ABV 6.7%

Je ne sais Quoi

A French saison which has emigrated to America. This pale gold beer is naturally very dry and hazy, but we have hopped it up like a New England style, resulting in a beer which is similar to the popular "brut IPA" styles, but more complex.

Hops: Centennial, Crystal, Citra, Mosaic
Malt: Pilsner, Pale ale, Wheat, Carafoam

IBU 35
OG 13.0
ABV 5.4%

Keller Pils

A classic Czech-style pilsner bier. A lager brewed with three additions of European hop varieties. Light and refreshing, the most popular style in the world, This one is un-filtered.

Hops: Perle, Saaz, Hersbrucker
Malt: Pilsner, caramunich

Fruity & Spicy

IBU 12
OG 12.5
ABV 5.3%


A traditional unfiltered Bavarian (Southern German) style wheat beer. Full bodied and the yeast imparts notes of fruit and spice, (banana and clove overtones)

IBU 30
OG 20.0
ABV 9.0%

Triple Threat

A Belgian style Tripel. This beer is a strong ale made with light malts and a hefty amount of sugar added to the kettle, making this stronger than usual and very easy to drink, with lots of fruity esters. Now also available in Nitrogenated Slo-pour.

Hops: Perle
Malt: Pilsner, Aromatic

IBU 30
OG 20.0
ABV 9.0%

Triple threat, Flav-O-gen edition

Our Belgian Tripel ale, made even more special with the addition of fruit purees and extracts. This week it's Peach, Mango and Strawberry, all woven into one extra strong, extra good beer.

Hops: Perle
Malt: Pilsner, Aromatic


IBU 45
OG 14.2
ABV 5.7%

1815 ESB

Both hoppy and malty, this English style ale is a delightful accompaniment to most of our food. The name stands for Extra-Special Bitter, and it has ample English bready malts and earthy hops.

Hops: Goldings
Malt: Pale Ale, Marris otter, Light Crystal

IBU 18
OG 13.5
ABV 5.7%


A Gordon Biersch classic. This is an original Oktoberfest style lager.  It is an extremely smooth, auburn colored Bavarian lager with a mildly sweet Munich Malt finish.

Hops: Hallertau Magnum
Malt: Pilsner, Dark Munich, Caramunich

IBU 35
OG 18.0
ABV 7.0%


Our winter seasonal is a delightfully complex Doppel Bock. Malty flavours of toffee, chocolate, and dried fruits. Perfect for the long cold months.

Hops: Hallertau Magnum
Malt: Pilsner, Dark Munich, Carafa II

Dark & Roasted

IBU 25
OG 14.2
ABV 5.7%

B-More Brown Ale

A smooth-drinking original, with delicious, deep caramel maltiness This beer is well balanced with a double dose of classic European hops and has a warm finish.

Hops: U.S. Golding, Tettnang
Malt: Pale Ale, Vienna, Crystal Rye